Friday, February 5

I hervest the best moment of my life!!!!

One thing I believe is that, if we don’t have the practical approach of any incident we can’t feel the actual pain from which people go through during the difficult times of their lives…… that’s what happened  a day back, and that’s what make me remind of all those moments when I felt sheer loneliness and need a touch of love!!

Loneliness is the biggest bug of life. Well I consider the pain of those people, who don’t have any one around them for care, share and love.

I used to be a very loving and stupid girl together. During my educational time in my school and my college ohhhhhh me and my friends disturbed huge number of girls we were so mischievous. I guess when someone see our group they were so definite that we will have something in our mind….. Sometimes we did pranks with our friends too. The same happened with me. My exams our coming nearer and nearer and I don’t attend college on regular basis and used to study now a day’s. Well I don’t belief still what a weird day I spent yesterday. I had been befooled by friends…. Ooooo that’s not so fair.

Story starts with mobile ring, as it rang, I picked the call other side was my friend and she was saying we were plan to attend college tomorrow so be there sharp at 8 o’clock. As I am little punctual I was there at 7:55 and start waiting for my friends. Waiting, waiting and waiting….. Its nine o’clock now and no one yet appeared. College gates were closed and my all hopes were dried out. And near 9:35 I received a breaking call that they befool me. I get up and start searching for some recognized face to talk as a time pass friends. But searching for whole science block I found no one familiar. Ahhhhh (a sigh)!! No one not a single girl,  Oops, and 5 hours to spend. I tried to study but can’t develop concentration. I felt a vast sea of empty feelings inside me, alone…….. No I can’t be. As hardly and barely spend all those hours. And when I get back I gave a tight hug to my mother, and felt alive again….. I didn’t say anything to my friends but thanks them that they made realize the worth of near and dear ones again  .

I know we know the worth of our relations but what I learned is that sometimes in our life we were so busy to feel the importance of those who close and around us and that time, we need a little push and we were all their to care and love with new momentum again. 


Judy Harper said...

This is so true! I know exactly what you mean. Very good post.

sheeza said...

thanks judy.

that day was really so meaningful for me :)

MYGA said...


You have a really really cool blog. awesome designs, Keep it up :)