Tuesday, January 26

Relations on edge______Indian Republic day

Today would be national celebration in India. They are celebrating democracy in every meaning. But yet they show their conservative nature in so called IPL series by humiliating the PAKISTANI players. It isn’t matter of money or fame. It is a matter of communal harmony which PAKISTAN very keen to develop betwixt two nations. But unfortunately Indians cut the tread of peace process. In Pakistan numbers of reactions come out by boycotting their products and especially channels. And I am also in one of them who stand for my national pride. But this hurts me is _____ unfortunately! It is said that Artists and Players are the key of tranquility and peace but this key had broken again from Indian side.

Indian said that they did this for security reasons but if they were receiving such threads why they won't inform PAKISTAN before? why they waited for the occassion? i think they should answer this also!!!!
( a point to think, if they try to think )

After all this happening several questions arose in my mind.

First Question:

Why this happen? Is this the nature of international politics in India to down cast Pakistan always?

Second Question:

Pakistan always looks forward for peace in this continent__ how long we should keep forgetting such kind of attitudes of India?

Third Question:

Did ever this cricket game would be come out from the politics?

Why India doesn’t accept Pakistan from their hearts too?

Why doesn’t Indian accept UNO’s order about Kashmir?

Why world remain silent when KASHMIRI’s are being terrorized by Indian army?

Why no one stands for justice and speaks for the MUSLIMS rights too?

I really want to know. I want to know what other think about this? I want to know why media defining Islam as a terrorism religion? I want to know why

Everyone have their own rights. We never force anyone. If anyone proud to be Christian so it’s their rite. So do ours if we want to live according to Islam. We as Muslims, our land Pakistan, our people Pakistani’s and foremost our religion Islam which is the most peaceful, most loving, forgiving and tolerating region and religion of this world.

And where as IPL concern from where I start writing, I only want to say that Pakistan always keen for communal harmony. We will forgive that’s our caliber and our dignity.

Thursday, January 21

Call of Duty

( Australian Mike Amor, a news crew member, giving water to a little girl rescued from the rubble in Port-au-Prince. )
The most heart-warming news I have heard in a while came amidst one of the most devastating incidents – the earthquake in Haiti and its after effects  results in one more earthquake, which has cost an estimated 200,000 lives. Given the scale of death and destruction in Port-au-Prince, it is not surprising that the media has flooded the Haitian capital, documenting each detail as the catastrophe unfolds. Indeed, it is the most news-worthy incident in recent times. For that reason, I was overwhelmed when I came across a certain rescue incident involving Australian media crews.
On Monday, an Australian News crew rescued an 18-month-old baby from underneath the rubble, signifying that at times life comes before the job of a journalist.
Richard Moran, a cameraman with the commercial Nine Network, put down his camera and lifted pieces of concrete out of the way while Nine’s interpreter and fixer Deiby Celestino climbed into the tangled mess to retrieve the child.
“And then, out of the ruins came this little girl, and I will never forget it. She did not cry. She looked astonished, almost as if she was seeing the world for the first time,” Nine reporter Robert Penfold told The Australian.

I am sharing this part of news because I found its so humane  like this demand sensitive measures, when the call of duty is more about saving lives then making headlines.

i remember the KASHMIR earthquake in Pakistan, when during reconstruction work, workers found a 56 years old lady "ALIVE" after 90 days of earthquake.

Monday, January 18

SoMe SaYs..........

some says they love rain
but when it rains they use an umbrella.....

some says they love sun,
but when the sun shine they reach for shades

some says they love the wind
but when its windy they close their windows

that's why i get scared when people says

Friday, January 15

An eYe oF mY cAmRa

well i have little collection of 2009 to share with you from my camra. hope you all going to like.
this is all lahore !!!!!!

(a street cat on the roof of my home)

( kitty was paying attention on my camera)

(can u recognized three cats?
well ther are. they are on second roof of my home)

( pedestrian crossing)

( pedestrian crossing )

( a sweet pedestrian crossing board in fowers)

( liberty round about)

( liberty round about)

(an old 19th century building on mall road)

( shopping plaza in liberty market)

 (a rough spring season grass on the roof)

(sunset from my backyard)

(sunrise from my backyard)

(coffee set of 1970's gifter to my mother from my grandfather. we were enjoying kahwa)

(birthday dinner party of my mother)

( card which i made for my sister)

( birthday card which i made for my niece)

( science section of my college)

(my birthday cake)

(a last rainbow of 2009)

Tuesday, January 12

life on a track of sorrows

A twelve year small girl running on road breathlessly, everyone stare at her face, her sweated cloths. The people passing by thinking she is mad. No one dared to stop her and ask her misery…..

Ten days before

Mother (coughing badly, laying on her bed, calling her daughter) Sana! Where are you? Bring me a glass of water please… sweetheart.

(a small girl with untidy cloths, unmanaged hairs appears)

Sana: yes mother. She is some water take it mother. (She drinks some and sits with the help of her daughter)

Mother: dear! What you think about life?

Sana: mother! I don’t know. Life is not good. I don’t like life.

Mother: why?

Sana: I am not happy. Life is not good. My mother is so ill. See yourself mother. We have no money to go to doctor. Mother! Where is my father?

Mother: he is with Allah (God).

Sana: why he is there we need him more.

Mother: dear he is there so he can watch us. Tell me if I would no more with you and die what would you do?

Sana: (cried terribly, her face all covered with tears) kept silent.

Mother: come close to me, dear this is a world where we all are testifies so Allah (God) will know how good we are? We are testified on many bases like health, money, children, neighbors, parents, believer____ there are many ways HE test us. And you have one too. The day I will die you should be courageous and should show high spirits. Dear! Life is not either good or bad. Life is a exam which we have to clear without and cheating and misbehaving. We should be contended on what we have but we should keep struggling.

It’s just like when u where in kindergarten u learn A, B, C, …….. And when you were in next standard or class you learn how to make word out from these alphabets.

Sana: mother! Are we supposed to learn throughout life?

Mother: yes we certainly learn throughout our life. But we what we care during learning is we have to pick good.

(Days are passing by her mother gets more and more weak)

(One morning)

(Sana wake up and went to her mother’s bed to wake her up and found her motionless.)

(She ran out to get a doctor but from where she don’t know)

Friday, January 8

Abandoned minds and souls

Today when I was browsing the newspaper I stuck to a picture of a tree. A very artistic tree. While I was gazing at its beauty…. I don’t know what a sorrow it had in it. The tree with many branches with numerous leaves has many year of history covered in itself.

This tree belongs to Edhi Centre for mentally ill women. Mentally ill is quite a horrified term. It doesn’t mean they are suffering from some disorder its means they are suffering from insufficient love, care respect and look after. It means they are a burden for their families now. It means they have no right to live any more with their family members. It means they are no more human.

Mentally ill I don’t know much about that term may be. But I know when we start talking with them they are so tender. They want to talk they love to share their feelings. What a pathetic people those, who left their parent to die on the road. I long sigh ….. Their lives are so lonely.

I’d been in Edhi house twice in my life to children section, I really felt so weak that I when I saw those innocent abused and illegitimate children’s I cried I a child. I found no cause to stop my tears. I felt helpless. For sake of thought …. Just tell me who are illegitimate are those children or their sinister parents?

They are innocent ……..

We are guilty, because we don’t accept those children and mentally ill people. But we accept those people who did that evil stuff. We give them respect. We are culprits…..

Seventy-year old unlettered Naziran with salt and pepper hair, cropped short, speaks only in Punjabi. All she knows is that she is from Hasilpur and has two sons. She has been at the Edhi Center for five years. “I once tried going back, but returned as I couldn’t find my home,” she explains.

Married at the age of 16, and having completed 12 years of education, soft-spoken Saima Khan does not seem to belong at the center. Still, she has been resident here for the last seven years.

The mother of two, a son and a daughter, she decided to forgo her Indian nationality and become a Pakistani when she married her husband, who works in the merchant navy. “When I became ill, my husband divorced me, took the children and went to Malaysia after admitting me here. When I got better, I tried returning to India as there was nothing for me in Karachi. Unfortunately, the Indian government refused to accept me saying I was a Pakistani.”

Wednesday, January 6

TheRe iS nO suBstiTutE of wInteR

(1st rain of winter in lahore)
Well may be I never know why I like winter but I am crazy fan of this season. I enjoyed every single moment of this season. Ice cream, Cold coffee and my chocolates mmmmmmm give a taste like no other food article can, so adorable.

Well winter here in Lahore at its full peak. Fog around me gives me a so romantic feeling. My mother always taunts me to care yourself otherwise you will catch by flu, cough or kind of viruses like that. But you know the loveliest thing____ me, my brothers and my mom we enjoyed chocolate chip ice cream last night. And she really felt awesome.

I really always wish that there should always be only three seasons WINTER, SPRING and AUTUM, no summer I don’t like it. In summer it’s about 48 or 49 degree Celsius temperature here, quite unbearable. Well let forget it and solely enjoy winter.

Happy winter season to all.

(streets covered with fog)