Friday, October 30

I felt that from the beginning of the creation of Pakistan we yet not recognized our enemies. because we always being confused my the ministry of foreign affairs. when they say India is targeting we start blaming India when thy said Israel we start blaming Israel and so on a media war goes. but that’s our lack of sight. as in Quran we are well aware who is friend or who is not. well studying the media as whole i found that Pakistan is on the target and those who are targeting us are our so called friends. there is no Taliban no extremist no Islamic terrorist but those who don’t want to see the existence of Pakistan as a nation and those too who try to cut the Pakistan in 1965 and achieve their little goal in 1971. and those who promise for the help but didn’t send their help in the situation of war in 1965. A Muslim never can never kill other Muslims but non Muslims can, as they are the biggest enemy of Islam.

we accept it or not. this is the nation which always means LA ILLAHA ILLALAHHAL, not for enlightened moderation and so called liberty. and we have to built our nation on the solid base or religious principles.

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