Tuesday, March 2

Expo 2010: Pakistan's handicrafts

The 5th edition of Expo Pakistan was held in Karachi's Expo Center and ran from, 26-28 February. 
Highlights of the Expo were the traditional handicrafts of Pakistan, a favourite among foreign buyers.–(Photos by Ghazal )



















Abdur Rehman said...

Hi, u have a very beautiful blog to share. It is really made me feel good to look some nice content on PAkistan.

Keep Sharing!

Abdur Rehman

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Oooh great shots!
i like those lamps, they look so pretty!

sheeza said...

thank u :) Abdur Rehman i an grateful

sheeza said...
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sheeza said...

@ smiley

really i am also so much charm by the carving of lamps:)

Radka said...

Thank you for visiting blog. At right above is a Google compiler, you can translate your blog into your language, I wish a nice day, Radka.

Radka said...

Latest photos are very nice. They are beautifully colored.

sheeza said...

thank you for your appreciation it really counts me:)

birdy said...

Love the handicrafts and Artwork of our craftsmen and artists. Beautiful blog and awesome pictures.

Huzaifa said...

beautiful embroidery and handicrafts of our beloved Pakistan. :)

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Meks Zee said...

Thank You Sheeza for this lovely Capturing of Expo Pakistan 2010 event.
I am sharing this link on official page of Expo Pakistan 2011 with ur permission.

Please follow http://www.facebook.com/pages/EXPO-Pakistan-2011-Colorful-Pakistan/123369021059011

and @XpoPakistan2011 on Twitter for update info on the up-coming Expo Pakistan 2011.. !

Meks Zee