Tuesday, March 16

youth vision with progressive attitude.

 life is strange. few days back i saw this image in an newspaper with a caption of childhood of slum children. i was so moved by that image. the same day i read the news about the bill which parliament passed  about women harassment.
i felt differently.... its good we have bill , and its blessing we have childhood but what is not right.... there is something perhaps, we don't have positive attitude of our education. we can see the bad side but cant appreciate the good side. i agree slum life if quite a difficult one. i did have a chance to see but what i found good is they are satisfied they are working and progressing. they are all together, they need no sympathies but they do need help. and i dont understand by publishing such image what we are doing?
are we helping them? or
are we making them aware that what they dont have and other people have?
i guess we are spreading an air of unsatisfactory life among those. rather such images i guess media had more moral duty on their shoulders, they should urge people to come out and give them employment. they need work rather sympathies. its a facets of life that sympathies makes us weak. and we want them strong so make society aware  of their moral duties.
Women harassment bill through which governmant brought several punishment for such criminals.... but is a civilized society need this? i guess NO
civilized societies don't need such bill. what they need is literacy, education , awareness, and above all conscience which teach them to differ between write and wrong.

childhood is beautiful i also play in mud well that doesn't mean i need to be publicized like i am suffering from life's facilities. of course not.
i only want to make my society aware and especially women, that societies built by us. we are the one we are the home tutor of our children and role model ... we have to taught next generation how to draw a line betwixt right and wrong.
we should rise moral values right from our homes. and
i mast say to all journalist please spread positivity among general mass rather disappointment and hopelessness condition.
we are the people who will put the first stone of healthy society.
make it diffrently.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post

sheeza said...

thank u :)

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Judy Harper said...

Your website is looking good! It is so cheerful and welcoming. Yes I agree with you about women. They are the ones that make a home and influence their children. Good post!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Sheeza! Very interesting ! And your blog looks fabulous. You are right about the slum kids. And the women :) <3

sheeza said...

thanks judy and mel :)