Saturday, November 6

Attitudes towards Realism

Why it’s always been difficult to write for me. May be i had lots of things in my mind and can’t find the starting knot or perhaps haphazardly mingled our neurological stimulus with our heart feelings. But why I am discussing I guess that’s the situation which I always face when I start writing something. 

Well today an unusual question came in front of me_ my elder brother asked why you are not happy with life. I was really stunned or answer less. That’s true I am not satisfied but I wonder stuck how he estimated that what I think of my own. I never had been sad either gloomy for others. Well i was bewildered, perplex, and too confused but now I have answer. I always been fair with others or else I tried to be, I tried not to hurt and well avoid lies. Believe me I have had to face many negative attitudes for that but I can’t change. My elder used to say or teach me that in this world you should have to be little manipulated with thing, attitudes matters persons even with own feelings. You can’t be straight forward in expressing. You should understand what other wants to hear or what you should say. 

And all these stuff, ohhh! It’s so hard on my nerve. I really want to get rid such double face people.  For sake of thought imagine same thing happen to us, like we had been manipulated by others, so devastating I guess. But what, we have had to live in such environment. People all over the planet have same typical requirements. Being optimistic, some day behaviors will revolutionize and I presume it could take a little longer time but yet attainable.  So till then keep smiling  keep dreaming and be happy always


gaelikaa said...

Nice to see you back blogging again Sheeza. Sometimes we have to work to keep ourselves happy - it doesn't always come automatically because sometimes life is full of unpleasant surprises. But the outcome of your life has a lot to do with your attitude.

sheeza said...

very fist thank u for welcoming me back. And you are absolutely right.

Anonymous said...

It is good to see your writing stuff back.. keep writing.