Wednesday, November 3

B@cK! B@cK! B@cK! B@cK!

After a long time I am back on my blog. During past few months it had been really tough as some of our family relations were badly affected by flood, but now by the grace of ALLAH (God) they are settle now. 

I don’t know why but sometimes when we start losing hope, then we really did saw such strong resolute person that we again retain our optimism. I always had lots of ups and downs in my life or else more down and few land mark ups which supported me for long. Whenever I became pessimist ALLAH (God) shows HIS all grace and gave me boost for a new day. As I couldn’t continue my study in chemistry which is still my favorite subject, as lack of finances, and I did my graduation privately in those subjects which I never know. Well the good thing is I cleared my graduation without any teacher guidance, and I suppose I did well.  And the best thing is I am Graduate now.  And I really want to share this with all my friends. I am happy, cheerful, joyful, and jovial or I guess I am in my high spirits of wonderful feelings.  

Really it’s so relaxing to share feeling with all other. I really want to thank my too dear reader Judy Harper for her concern. Thanks really I always need such caring friends, you are good and nice. I really had very few friends who know the true essence of relations and Judy you are one.

And I am happy or happier.

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Abdur Rehman said...

very nice post
i hav noticed you are not using Plz use it bcoz it will rank ur blog better and more visitors
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