Monday, December 27

Extended Visualization and Attitudes

The day before yesterday I was watching a movie "alive", which was made in 1993 based on true story of survival.  How they met extreme condition of weather and how they manage to remain energetic. The story had too deep emotional contact with my neuron transmitters that I could not come out from its effect. This is also true that I laugh when they laugh and I caught my breath when they were in dilemmas. Film was awesome and acting and those actors were great in their talent.  I was deeply touched by circumstances and care.  
Now the question must arise in minds that why I am discussing this thing and feeling?
Is that only because I found the movie good and awesome? Or else is the acting talent?
Well let me tell you I am discussing this piece of my experience because they survived from extreme conditions because they were all together, they were resolute, they were helping hand and more over they were like a unit.  
When I see my land my beloved PAKISTAN I see same hard and I must say severe conditions that my homeland going through with. Like The Electricity load shedding, Gas load shedding, water low loads, and more off that the daily growth in bread and butter prices. I don’t know why my people don’t understand the need of time? Why don’t they realize the cost of unity? Why don’t they made a human chain and alarm the all elite demagogues who don’t know the meaning of winter nights without any heating system as they were in their luxurious livings!
I simply cannot understand why my people don’t hear their inner voice rather the noise of political leaders who don’t even give them a right to tough, and block the traffic for hours, for the public on the name of security?
What kind of security they want from the same people to whom they call companions at time of elections? Think and consider kindly just imagine for a minute why they are doing this? They daily squeezed the neck rope of execution on their people, people were dying daily with their families because they don’t eat for weeks, they find suicide more easy on living, people were kidnapped for heavy ransom, mobiles snatched in every area, conditions of living going on alarming range, but our leader don’t even care.  Because they were not loyal not a ruling party even all other parties. They are businessman. They sell my land and earn their living. They are garbage and junk of nation.
Attention please! If we want to live and lead at least a normal life we have to be united, we have to be clear on our wants, we have to have get rid of traitors, we have to stand against society evils, we have to prove to be soul Muslims, we have to get back to our holy book our QURAN. 
The Alive team faced harsh conditions but they maintain their breathing because they were in their high spirits, they were strong and they were together and bonded. We have to be same resolute and determined for the betterment of our present and future.  We are youth we can mold our future with our sincere hard work and with our honest leadership, which could be started from our house to the parliaments and to the far and near corner or our country.
 Our founder Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said:
“Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but the Muslim Ideology which has to be preserved, which has come to us as a precious gift and treasure and which, we hope other will share with us”
Message to Frontier Muslim Students Federation
June 18, 1945
We have to work for this dream we have to works and prove ourselves. We have to show and develop Islamic nation on the true pillars of Islam. But first we have to value the gift of PAKISTAN and the bloodshed for the sacrifice of our freedom.  
It’s high time we have to prove to be a living nation.

(25 December 1876- 11 September 1948)

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