Thursday, February 3

A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N. T.E.R.R.O.R.I.S.M.


In past and present Pakistan blamed to be named as Terrorist. But the martyr of three innocent Pakistanis from an American hand, what we going to call this? Isn’t a sheer act of terrorism? 

Well, when I discuss with my family and friends everyone has same piece of opinion, Raymond Davis is a terrorist and he did spread terrorism in the streets of Pakistan. Now let’s analyze the whole scenario,

We know Americans have great penetration not in our politics but in all ISLAMIC countries politics.

We know War of terrorism isn’t our war its and American war. 

We also know they are afraid of ISLAMIC system so that they raise the voices for democracy. 

We know when America gives their favor; in return they demand the rule of law of their choice in the country.   
We know all elected leaders are not real democratic leaders. 

We know BLACK WATER is in our land. 

We know MRS DR AFIA SADDIQUE; a PAKISTANI is innocent but sentence for 80 years prison just because America wants to hide its shame less act of Afghanistan JAIL. 

We know in Pakistan our leader have their sincerity only with America. 

We know those entire persons killed in DRONE acts were innocent and were not terrorists but Americans are. 

We know TWIN TOWER attack was a planned attack by JEWS and Americans. 

We know we are innocent. 

We know who is real terrorist in our land 


what we don’t know is we have conscience, 

we have voices to raise against injustice, 

we have ability to be united, we have honesty to serve, 

we have love to share and care, we have eye to see the vultures in our country, 

we really don’t know what we have and have not.

This is sad because nation never work on such trails in which loyalties are auctioned on the price of innocent lives. We have to stand against all these inequalities and American penetration.  It’s high time, it’s high time, and it’s high time, before we got late. We don’t need Egyptian revolution we need revolution of HONESTY, SINCERITY AND TRUTHFULNESS. So, all those super powers who want to suppress us will never see such thing even in their dreams. We have to lift up as MUSLIM NATION and prove our country to be ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, which was only freed for the rule of law of ALLAH.

Please don’t devote yourselves but also devote your souls for your country.

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you have a very nice blog i like it
and i am really happy that u made your blog on a very good issue u can say that i really love that kind of people who love my Pakistan.May Allah give you all kind of Happiness and enjoyment and if u need any kind of help to make some kind of post on patriotism then i will help you
take care Allah Bless You