Saturday, December 26

"~*My HeArT BrEaKeD*~"

What is life? How it works?

I am always haunted by such questions, because I never found the right answers. It was said that when everyone says you are wrong then fault must be located in you. Same in my case I always try not to hurt someone but for good fortune everyone got hurt. And for my astonishment they were hurt from such acts which I did in their favor.

Why relations became so complicated? Aren’t they supposed to help, understand, and value you? So, why no one show elasticity?

 I hate the feeling of depression but when I got depressed I took long time to be normal. But few days ago I was hurt from someone I loved, I care and I value most in my life.

I always thought if you want to have a healthy life do all that good with others what you want for yourself, not being selfish but being caring.

Alas! I found I am an unbearable negative person on this earth. “A selfish, self-centered, egoistic and stubborn girl”. perhaps this may be true because other may know you better then yourself.

May be I never know why people broke hearts? what kind of satisfaction they would found? I never know either why I am always wrong_____but the only fact i know about this life is "life can never be a bed of roses". and life can never drive you the way you want and above all life is not about EXPECTATIONS.

The beautiful Qoute I read few days ago;

"you have only two options in life

1: accept
2: change

so try to accept what you cant change

and try to change what u cant accept"

and i guess i have only one option Accept wether its good or bad.:)


Christina said...

Interesting points.

Sopped by to welcome you to the SITS community.

sheeza said...

thanku christina:-)

Sheryl said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. We can be our own worst enemy. I love the quote.

I wanted to take a moment and welcome to to SITS. It's a great place to make new friends, get new ideas, and just have fun.

Welcome aboard.

sheeza said...

you are right sheryl.

thank u :)for being concerning.