Wednesday, December 2

Rise and shine

The sunrise is the most beautiful thing on earth. It has changed my life. I was the girl who’s goal was to not have any class early morning because I was not a morning person. I’d seen the sunrise maybe a handful of times, only because I had been waked up earlier for prayers. The same morning I had been waked up by my mother. I would have to get up and run to fresh up myself while it was still dark. I wanted to get my bed again before sun rise. But for some reason I heve to go on roof  and I saw the sunrise. I was blown away how beautiful it was. That time of morning is so great because the world is more peaceful and you aren’t distracted by hustle and bustle. The only people I found are runners or readers in street and my area garden. It is quiet and you can be still and think clearly. I realized this is the greatest time of the day.

So, I went to go run and take sunrise photos. So, I did. Everyone was sleeping. I was awake. It was like a magical morning. I was spellbounded. So I took a cup of luke warm milk, grabbed my diary and then had one of the best mornings of my life.

 A winter morning so silent, calm, beautiful, colorful, and attractive-  my cup of milk, my diary and my thoughts, in a beautiful paradise. And I was all alone. Now, I do love to enjoy this pleasure again and again, because this quietness was amazing. I loved it.

 I read and wrote for at least an hour. I learned a lot, and discovered something I had missed my whole life… mornings.

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