Tuesday, December 29

A House of Hopes

“Brick, cement and wood, can only be a piece of art but never called a home until we don’t dress it with emotions and love” said my grandmother, the time when I was about to start my new life. My wedding is an arrange type. I have to fly from Pakistan to London, a whole new world. I had been advised from the every member of my family what to do and what not to do.

It took about 8 hours to reach London airport, and an hour more to reach my new home. During the journey I had been thinking, thinking and thinking about a fairy life like in novels and stories. A perfect happy family tied in a bond of Love and togetherness. I know nothing but flooded my mind with random thoughts. I was so confused and perplexed about the new beginning.

During the whole journey my eyes were kept gazing my hands. And I heard a voice in car “only 15 min and we will be in home”. My breath turns so fast even I can hear the sound of my pulse. And few minutes later car stop. My door was open and I stepped out from the car. The grand, impressive and a luxurious wooden house in front of my eyes___ my house or a home, nothing, it’s my dream. I took a step towards the welcome door; no one was present there to welcome me. The very first time my heart shattered. My mother-in-law and everyone was in their room, only a house maid was there to guide me. I came into my room, and change my dress. I came out in the balcony and saw new crack of dawn, with the emptiness of warmth. This is only a building with DO NOT DISTURB broad. Everyone have their own life and set of rules. My big home turns into a hollow, empty vessel in which I can only hear my own voice.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sheeza!
Welcome aboard! Its great to have you write here! Nice post! Looking forward to read more of your posts soon.

Judy Harper said...

I am impressed! You did good! I hope you will expand on the story next week? Such as what is her new husband like? How many are in the family? What will it be like for a Pakistan couple to live in London? You have a good story here! Sorry about having to wait until today to post! I am so glad you joined us! Very good!

gaelikaa said...

Very nice story. I love when stories are short and still give me a lot to think about. I can't seem to write anything shorter than 1000 words.

I am very happy that you have joined our group. I look forward to reading more of your stories in future. I have linked my story to yours.

MelRoXx said...

Incredibly good story! loved it! I think you should join our Page on hair nails blogs now.. find it in the group section on hairnailsblogs.ning.com

sheeza said...


thank u . bcoz its my very 1st attempt to write a story.

@Judy Harper:

you give me nice ways to think more about the stuff i wrote. thanks :-)


thank u . well all your apreciation counts alot to me. i am not a story witer but i just tried after rg all of your stories.
you can say its my maiden story.


thank u dear and i am on your nail and hair blog board.

ishaq said...
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