Thursday, August 5

~Pakistan in nature's big catastrophe~


(An aerial view shows the flooded village of Kot Addu in Pakistan’s Punjab province August 4, 2010. After wrecking Pakistan’s northwest, the worst floods in 80 years swept through Punjab – Reuters Photo  )

The floods have already killed an estimated 1,500 people over the past week, most of them in the northwest. An estimated 4.2 million Pakistanis have been affected, including many in eastern Punjab province, which has seen numerous villages swallowed by rising water in recent days.

As fresh rains fell Thursday, bloated rivers gushed toward southern Sindh province, where hundreds of thousands of the most impoverished Pakistanis live along the water because of its fertility and because it is cheaper than safer ground.

“Rains have weakened the protective walls and embankments (along the river). It was difficult to get the people to move from their places because they were not willing to leave.”

An aerial view from a military helicopter showed that a vast area between Multan and Muzaffargarh cities looked like a large lake, with the occasional dead cow floating by.

Manuel Bessler, the UN’s humanitarian chief in Pakistan, said at least 4.2 million people were affected, and that the potential for waterborne diseases was worrisome.

“We are facing a disaster of major proportions,” Bessler told reporters in Geneva by telephone. “Even a week after the disaster we don’t have all the details. Roads are washed away. Bridges are destroyed. Whole areas are completely isolated and only accessible by air.”

Pakistan standing all the way surrounded by the century's big flood. We need prayers and more human efforts so the millions and millions of lives which were effected by flood across Pakistan can get back to their normal living.

May ALLAH help us all in the time of crisis.


Judy Harper said...

Sheeza, what about you and your family? Has your home been flooded? Take care and let me know if you would. I hope you're okay.

Judy Harper said...

Would love to know how you are!