Wednesday, January 6

TheRe iS nO suBstiTutE of wInteR

(1st rain of winter in lahore)
Well may be I never know why I like winter but I am crazy fan of this season. I enjoyed every single moment of this season. Ice cream, Cold coffee and my chocolates mmmmmmm give a taste like no other food article can, so adorable.

Well winter here in Lahore at its full peak. Fog around me gives me a so romantic feeling. My mother always taunts me to care yourself otherwise you will catch by flu, cough or kind of viruses like that. But you know the loveliest thing____ me, my brothers and my mom we enjoyed chocolate chip ice cream last night. And she really felt awesome.

I really always wish that there should always be only three seasons WINTER, SPRING and AUTUM, no summer I don’t like it. In summer it’s about 48 or 49 degree Celsius temperature here, quite unbearable. Well let forget it and solely enjoy winter.

Happy winter season to all.

(streets covered with fog)


Anonymous said...

I love winters too! I liked the pictures you used in your post, a lot!

Judy Harper said...

Spring and Fall are my seasons! We don't have fog like that here. I've heard stories of London fog, now I can imagine what it looks like! Does it snow where you live or just rain?

sheeza said...


well is such a season i guess everyone enjoy in their own style.

sheeza said...


well there in my city no snow but hailing in summer and winter some times.