Tuesday, January 26

Relations on edge______Indian Republic day

Today would be national celebration in India. They are celebrating democracy in every meaning. But yet they show their conservative nature in so called IPL series by humiliating the PAKISTANI players. It isn’t matter of money or fame. It is a matter of communal harmony which PAKISTAN very keen to develop betwixt two nations. But unfortunately Indians cut the tread of peace process. In Pakistan numbers of reactions come out by boycotting their products and especially channels. And I am also in one of them who stand for my national pride. But this hurts me is _____ unfortunately! It is said that Artists and Players are the key of tranquility and peace but this key had broken again from Indian side.

Indian said that they did this for security reasons but if they were receiving such threads why they won't inform PAKISTAN before? why they waited for the occassion? i think they should answer this also!!!!
( a point to think, if they try to think )

After all this happening several questions arose in my mind.

First Question:

Why this happen? Is this the nature of international politics in India to down cast Pakistan always?

Second Question:

Pakistan always looks forward for peace in this continent__ how long we should keep forgetting such kind of attitudes of India?

Third Question:

Did ever this cricket game would be come out from the politics?

Why India doesn’t accept Pakistan from their hearts too?

Why doesn’t Indian accept UNO’s order about Kashmir?

Why world remain silent when KASHMIRI’s are being terrorized by Indian army?

Why no one stands for justice and speaks for the MUSLIMS rights too?

I really want to know. I want to know what other think about this? I want to know why media defining Islam as a terrorism religion? I want to know why

Everyone have their own rights. We never force anyone. If anyone proud to be Christian so it’s their rite. So do ours if we want to live according to Islam. We as Muslims, our land Pakistan, our people Pakistani’s and foremost our religion Islam which is the most peaceful, most loving, forgiving and tolerating region and religion of this world.

And where as IPL concern from where I start writing, I only want to say that Pakistan always keen for communal harmony. We will forgive that’s our caliber and our dignity.


Judy Harper said...

What happened today that made you want to write the post? What happened today to upset you?

sheeza said...

i am upset from internation standerds of politics. i am upset from dual behaviors of leader. i am upset becoz so called "FRIENDS OF PAKISTAN" are not friends.

but in recent time india humiliate our criket team, and not only me but whole PAKISTAN is hurt by their such disgraced act.

more over whenever i watched news channels such as BBC, FOX or CNN and many more i am teribly hurt from them brcause when they are know nothing about ISLAM then why they are dictating us about ISLAM.

even I am severly shaken by DANMARK and their sinister acts and believe me or have a practicle experience ____ throughout the world MUSLIMS are under Pressure and Islam is on hit list.

sooner or later polictics will change their principal that it deals with national interst not with religion.

where as India is concern we always has open arms for new dawn of friendship and peace in the ASIA.

Judy Harper said...

I can see why you are upset about the cricket team. Even though the IPL is a privately owned organization and the players were issued visas, there isn't a real explanation as to why none of Pakistan's players weren't picked.

I regret that you are made to feel it's more about religion than politics. Where did you find that Islam is on a hit list?

Do you know anything about the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT)? Who or what are they?

Thousif Raza said...

i gotta tell you sheeze, india is not doing it... when the players were auctioned off, nobody took a bid on them, fearing sometging, its not the IPL, its the bidders who were not interested...

and you have said india is not taking measures, to do good with pak, look at what times of india is doing...it has launched a campaign named aman ki aasha, and its editorials and articles are creating huge waves....

things are gonna happen sheeza, you just have to keep faith, its not 2 minute noodles kind of thing, there are complications which one has too look into... india is changing... its some pvt businesses that acting like ass, ignore them,

relations will improve, i promise, it will just take a lil time... keep faith :)

take care and keep writing...........

sheeza said...

you are right judy may be i woulb be more religious than politics but judy religion is aprt of our lives, or can everyone's life.

and you ask me aout Lashkar-e-Taiba ... dear with respect i was takling about ISLAM as practice and Ethics and not about any organisation or a party.

i know not anything much about that Lashkar-e-Taiba but i know that Islam can not relate to any party.

thats all

sheeza said...

tousif@ i am well awar of Amann ki ASHA but i also know the agenda of SHIV SIANA party


and i am also hoping for the friendly future ahead.

Thousif Raza said...

shiv sena dont get me atarted on those guyz... they are just a pain in the *** (you know where ;))

they just want publicity yaa... nothing else... they wanna be on tv... so they do it... nothing else....

take care and keep writing...........