Tuesday, January 12

life on a track of sorrows

A twelve year small girl running on road breathlessly, everyone stare at her face, her sweated cloths. The people passing by thinking she is mad. No one dared to stop her and ask her misery…..

Ten days before

Mother (coughing badly, laying on her bed, calling her daughter) Sana! Where are you? Bring me a glass of water please… sweetheart.

(a small girl with untidy cloths, unmanaged hairs appears)

Sana: yes mother. She is some water take it mother. (She drinks some and sits with the help of her daughter)

Mother: dear! What you think about life?

Sana: mother! I don’t know. Life is not good. I don’t like life.

Mother: why?

Sana: I am not happy. Life is not good. My mother is so ill. See yourself mother. We have no money to go to doctor. Mother! Where is my father?

Mother: he is with Allah (God).

Sana: why he is there we need him more.

Mother: dear he is there so he can watch us. Tell me if I would no more with you and die what would you do?

Sana: (cried terribly, her face all covered with tears) kept silent.

Mother: come close to me, dear this is a world where we all are testifies so Allah (God) will know how good we are? We are testified on many bases like health, money, children, neighbors, parents, believer____ there are many ways HE test us. And you have one too. The day I will die you should be courageous and should show high spirits. Dear! Life is not either good or bad. Life is a exam which we have to clear without and cheating and misbehaving. We should be contended on what we have but we should keep struggling.

It’s just like when u where in kindergarten u learn A, B, C, …….. And when you were in next standard or class you learn how to make word out from these alphabets.

Sana: mother! Are we supposed to learn throughout life?

Mother: yes we certainly learn throughout our life. But we what we care during learning is we have to pick good.

(Days are passing by her mother gets more and more weak)

(One morning)

(Sana wake up and went to her mother’s bed to wake her up and found her motionless.)

(She ran out to get a doctor but from where she don’t know)


Judy Harper said...

Very passionate story! I can feel the emotion in the writing. Did this happen to someone you know? Very good!

sheeza said...

thank you judy.

well its just a story no perticular experience.but it certainly have emotions of my mom sayings and media and foremost my Religion.

thats all

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