Friday, January 15

An eYe oF mY cAmRa

well i have little collection of 2009 to share with you from my camra. hope you all going to like.
this is all lahore !!!!!!

(a street cat on the roof of my home)

( kitty was paying attention on my camera)

(can u recognized three cats?
well ther are. they are on second roof of my home)

( pedestrian crossing)

( pedestrian crossing )

( a sweet pedestrian crossing board in fowers)

( liberty round about)

( liberty round about)

(an old 19th century building on mall road)

( shopping plaza in liberty market)

 (a rough spring season grass on the roof)

(sunset from my backyard)

(sunrise from my backyard)

(coffee set of 1970's gifter to my mother from my grandfather. we were enjoying kahwa)

(birthday dinner party of my mother)

( card which i made for my sister)

( birthday card which i made for my niece)

( science section of my college)

(my birthday cake)

(a last rainbow of 2009)