Friday, November 13

Autumn dead leaf

Autumn is a season when nature changes her attitude. Sky looks so delicate and faint blue as breathless. Environment became silent and quiet. Everywhere we can see a transformation. Our moods became so dull likewise. Most important phenomena of autumn are the fall of leaves. We most called them dead leaves.

As a common viewer when we pass through the colorless leaves we mostly think that they are not more alive they are now garbage and should be disposed. But I wonder stuck when I saw a picture, which was made by the dead leaves in an exhibition. And that picture looked so beautiful as real. I stop near that masterpiece and keep gazing for quite a long time. Really I found a mysterious message inside me from that picture. The picture, which was totally made up with dead material, how alive that was.

The momentary thought that knock my mind and heart was that how disappoint we were when we were deceived, cheated, disappointed, or loss something. We normally closed all the gates of our mind and keep mourning for days and nights. But those dead leaves show us a sign of life. While wilting they contribute the colors and richness in nature. The autumn trees give a vibrant fashion to the environment. 

As I always try to drag positive facets from everyday situation, so as yesterday. Really I felt so relax and comfortable from my trip. I would love to show you that picture but the owner didn’t allow me to take a snap, and I can’t violate the rules.

But what I want to share is, there isn’t anything in this world, which is useless. As our national poet Allam Iqbal said

Nikami nahi koi cheez zanany mai

Koi bura nahi qudrat k karkhany mai

" there is not anything useless in this world.
and nothing is bad in this nature.
*( i think i didn't translated it well. but i hope you all will get the bottom line)*

the same philosophical thought I also find in an example of a fruit. Life is like a  fruit. There isn’t anything useless in it. Seeds can give us new generation. Fruit itself energize us and the peel of the fruit can easily be used as fertilizer. Everything that exists has its own purposes, sun, star, moon, seasons, weather, body organs, instruments even a log of tree. All we need is a magical touch, which led all of us on the way where everything is constructive.
we as a human can contribute our efforts to make and give life a true meaning. we can be a mentor and guide for the other so all utilize their productive sense to build up nations on stream line.  we can raise the moral of all those people who left their hope.  

(A picture from google which is only paste as an example.)


Judy Harper said...

How did I miss this post? It is beautiful! You mean he made a picture from different colored autumn leaves? Wow! I sent a friend over, MelRoXx. You should check out some of her posts.

sheeza said...

yes he really did and that was amazing.

well i ll look forward to melroxx.

sheeza said...
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