Friday, November 6

PAKISTAN: apperceptive vs reality

Have you ever tried searching Google for images of Pakistan?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any pictures that depict the progressive and modern aspects of our country. Try typing ‘Pakistan progress’, ‘Pakistan modern’ or ‘Pakistan cafes’ in the search bar, and chances are there will be no results.

But if you just type in the word Pakistan, you’ll be flooded by a collection of frightening pictures (excluding some seductive shots of ‘Miss Pakistan’): kids holding guns, bomb blasts and violence will inundate your computer screen.

When will the world see Pakistan from all angles – the good, the bad and everything else in between?

Two recent encounters suggest that the only way we can get people to expand their vision of Pakistan is by experiencing it first hand…

As my land is really beautiful and  so rich in ethics and filled with down to earth, generous and progressive people. but yet some negative element show the world a false image of my land. I don't believe and wont ever that Pakistan is not a safe land, because my land is beautiful and prosperous. Where we are lacking in is bad governance and our conscious pricking. The day all the youth realize their 1st obligatory duty as a citizen that day would be a revolution, and our state ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN would stand on its own power.

I share my little effort because any progressive nation needs the true, dutiful, hardworking and honest youth. I hope we will soon wake and realize our prime concern. we will because we shell!!!!!!!!


Judy Harper said...

You know, I wish you would continue along these lines in several posts. Maybe do like an interview of you or your brothers or fellow students. I would love to see current pictures! Do you have a camera you could go around your city and take pictues? This was very informative. Maybe even do a post of your regular day or your mom's. Give us a bit of your culture. Even tell us who is in your government and break down the good guys and why as opposed to the bad politicians. I'm very interested, because you're right, my view is of movies and the news media who only reports negative information or when a crisis occurs. Good post!

sheeza said...

first of all thhank you. second yes i do have the camera and i ll go around again soon to venture my city monuments. and i will show the glimpses of my city along with ethnic people from my eyes.