Sunday, November 1

life's battle

life is hard and tough for those who live under the poorest conditions.For those who were not sure about tomorrow's meal. For even those who work hard day and night to make their both ends meet.

Everyday you rise, you face the world with open eyes.
but as you venture through the day.
you learn your vision not that great.
the task, the life, the hard work of this day.
end with nothing and cast only a penny pay.

(by me; sahar)


Judy Harper said...

Wow, I'm impressed by your insight! Very good post. It's real! I get the impression you know someone going through this realization. Sometimes it is hard to work ten hours a day, and then the pay isn't enough to pay all the bills that need paying. It can give a person a hopelessness feeling. I look forward to future posts.

sheeza said...


thank for your appreciation. :)