Wednesday, November 4

EYES are expressive

Today while reading a feature in newspaper about eyes, that how depicted and expressive they are i found this image of a child. I stop and deeply watch his face and found number of longings and wish list in his eyes. This child is so expressive through his eye that we don’t need to ask what he wants.

Cause ongoing situation in Pakistan what else he can want a shelter, peace, harmony, love, no hatred, secure future, securitye, want education or the daily bread. The misery spread all around us. We are so dump that we see the issues like spectators. We don’t feel the after effects of that mayhem. We even eat our meals while hearing the news how much people suffering from hunger, how many died in the line for the food aid really we are dead.

We don’t see in the eyes. We don’t even realize our fore more duty. We pay no attention. We can gossip we can satire but we can’t share their wretchedness.

This child is just like our own child. We should think…. Before going into our beds what a misery we are creating in this world. We should stand and speak now against all misconducts and raise our voices for the fair dealings.

We should before its too late.


Judy Harper said...

The pain you feel for your country is so overwhelming! You have such a way of helping us see the people's emotions. From the cadence of your words, I see why you're a poet. What do people in Pakistan do for joy? Do they have parks or movies? Or do they live in fear all the time? How do y'all celebrate birthdays? When is your birthday?

sheeza said...

well what people do for joy is differ from person to person.
but me and the group of my friends really feel happy when we help people when we do something good for humanity. we have all the recreational spots parks, cinema, rides and libraries. but what we are lacking in is security.
we never fear because death is so assertive but what we are living in is bad governance. which is failed in every facets to provide us healthy living.

and my date of birth is 15 december 1988.

Judy Harper said...

It must be hard to live in a government that fails to provide a healthy environment for their people. That's what you're writing about isn't i? If your government found this blog, would anything happen to you or do they go that far? I'm going to do research on the current Pakistan. Hey, you have a birthday coming up soon!