Monday, November 2

home and relation

Relational theories, as I understand it, are interested in the way social embeddedness and social difference matters for our autonomy, responsibility and so forth.

But home and her living relations are so more different then that, the love, care, reponsibility, attention and etc are those facets that can never be explain in any theory. recently i go through with the estimation of mothers, birth rate and principles how to built a relation, survey of america. well i stop and think for a while that this calculated estimation can calculate all those happening moment that cherish our life and give us endless moments of joy and answer is no. certainly what we give our family is thankless performance because we love them without any conditions.
thats why may be its said love always live in our hearts and cant ever be explain in words.


Judy Harper said...

I think love should be in your heart, but just think about cards, especially homemade cards by a child or the sacrifice a mother makes for her daughter to have the perfect prom dress, when she really doesn't have the money, but she goes without lunch to provide the dress. Or how many times when a person is sick, there's someone holding their hand. Or a young girl creates a poem for her mother, thanking her. Would these classify as written words and actions expressing love?

Judy Harper said...

Sheeza-I know you're a student, what are you studying? Are you living at college or at home? Can you tell me a bit about your life, I'm very interested because of the insightfulness of what you write? If you would rather email me, my email address is Thanks!

sheeza said...


you are so right in your point and i agree that these lovely, sweet and kind acts can only be done by our love ones.
Making cards, give us time, share, care all that acts so worthy.

but you know what i think still love can't be explain thoroughly. may you ever experience that even with your daughter that when u were expressing your philia and affection to her the last sentence would be "dear! still i cant totally explain in words how much i love u".

and that's pure extract love which reside somewhere deep in our hearts.