Wednesday, November 18

one step for progressive within us.

We very often keep blaming, our relatives, our neighbours, our District, Provincial and Federal governments for our woes, to some extent may be rightly, but at times, willfully or ignorantly disregard the fact that it may be because of our own modes and behaviour, tradition and culture and callous way of life. Is it not a fact that when it comes to demanding, we are not willing to accept anything less than what the citizens in civilized societies are enjoying, but would pay no heed to the duties and responsibilities that a civilized society citizens voluntarily discharge?

It is rightly said that first deserve and then demand. Let us not forget that good governance that we all keep yearning would only come through, if the different tiers of the government as well as the people at large discharge their duties and responsibilities to the society honestly.

Aerial firing in celebrations, may it be on the eve of wedding, the birth of a son, New Year festivity and hailing the Independence Day etc. is one of such trival tradition that we have not been able to give up. one wheeling, bike and car stunts, voilation of traffic signals, parking on non parking areas, and etc. Miscreants  openly violated the ban on pillion riding while carrying flags of various political parties, and blocked many arteries of the city. Their “celebration” caused traffic jams at various points, causing immense miseries to other citizens.

Sadly, it was not only the illiterates, but even the educated persons also were seen indulging in all these unruly activities, making this precept of the wise men wrong that education is the panacea for all social evils, as for us even this seems to be an utter failure because it has thus far made no difference here.

we have to be socially literate, ethically literate, moraly literate, and moreover we have to be civilized and true figure. otherwise we can't match with pace of progressing world.

its said that everything is possible. and there is nothing impossible. As the word impossible utter that i-m-possible. so let teach our selves first and make our conscience bound to obeyt he law and order of our country.